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Go, Abby, Go

I posted this text on my photography instagram a few weeks ago (June 23rd) when we were transitioning Abigail from her crib to her twin-sized bed. It's a reflection on where my heart was during that time, and so it's something I wanted to place here on my blog for my own reference.

One of the toughest things I have experienced as a mom is transitions. Weaning Abigail from nursing was way more difficult than I ever thought it would be. Currently we are experiencing a big transition. Finley has grown out of her bassinet, and so it is time for Abigail to get a new bed. Finley is taking over the crib, and Abigail is getting a big girl bed. ⁣ As I put Abigail to bed in her crib last night for the last time, it had me feeling a bit emotional. She really is still just a baby, but at the same time she is growing, and it is not my job to keep her from growing up. God has placed me and Jacob in her life to raise her to know and love God’s Word, to equip her for the calling God has on her life. ⁣ It’s hard to see her get older, even as little as she still is, but I believe God is going to use this girl in big ways, and who am I to hold her back?

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