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John & Gracie's Book:

August 2023:

I reread my story, and it was so much fun! I had some little fixes along the way, but with that complete, I can now finish writing my book proposal to send to agents.  

July 2023:

I finished my third draft, and guys, I didn't think it would be another rewrite, but it was. My previous ending felt dissatisfying, so I rewrote the last third of the book, as well as pushed it through my critique group. They're the best. All my edits are finished, and all my notes of things I needed to come back to are complete. It was a good feeling. My husband has implored me to take a month off from the book and then reread with fresh eyes. 

December 2022:

I finished my second draft. This draft was a major rewrite from my first, and it was very exciting when I finished. Time for draft number three where I will be editing and fine tuning. 

May 2022:

I finished my first draft this month! It was such a great feeling to write that final chapter. Now to reevaluate my plot-lines, story structure, and character arcs, and begin my second draft. Thanks for following along!

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Matthew & Lucy's Book:

September 2023:

In the month of September, I managed to get 30,000 words down for the first draft. This is such a fun story to write. 

Spring 2022:

I finished the outline for this novel. This took me 24 hours--trust me, I'm surprised too. This is will be the first book in a series, but the first book I wrote was book two. I always had a very (very) vague idea of what this novel would be about, but then one day, I understood my main character's heart, and the story just came to me. I couldn't get the outline down fast enough. I really care about my main character, and I can't wait to write her story. I believe the Lord has given me this story to write. 

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