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Episode 02 | Deena on Waiting

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

This is a day where love is celebrated all around, but it's also a day that can cause feelings of loneliness for many. When I was single and waiting for my future husband, this day reminded me of that fact, and it brought up a lot of longing in my heart to be in a relationship.

I had the sweet privilege of interviewing my friend Deena on the subject of waiting, and let me tell you, she has a lot of good advice and encouragement for you ladies. If you are in a season of waiting, this is an interview you do not want to miss.

You can listen right here, or find it on iTunes by searching "Gather & Glean."

I also have to mention that in a couple weeks I will be sharing an interview that I had with my husband, Jacob, on the topic of waiting. it's a really good one, so you're going to want to stay tuned for that one.

Meet Deena and her beautiful family! In our interview she mentions how crazy her life can be with her husband Jay, and she was not kidding. Her family shared a couple days ago that Jay got accepted by American Ninja Warrior! Oh my goodness! Never a dull moment for this family.

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