April 26, 2020

I had a lot of room to grow early on in my marriage. If my husband did something to upset me, it could easily ruin my entire day, as I would dwell, and dwell, and dwell on it. At times, I am still guilty of this. 

But on the opposite side, when my husband and I were just dating, I would dwell on the sweet messages he would send me, or on the conversation we had on the phone, and you better believe my emotions were quite dif...

April 3, 2020

Sometimes life is just plain hard. With constant dirty diapers, crying babies, and postpartum hormones, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. It is easy to just long for a break, and sometimes giving up seems like a good idea. Life has a way of throwing challenges our way. How do we handle those challenges? 

Paul’s life wasn’t at all easy. It was much more challeging than crying babies and unbalanced hormones, but at...

October 10, 2019

As Abigail’s mom, I want every part of her. 

I want her highs and lows, her laughs and giggles, her snuggles and kisses, and her sweet ramblings of nothing. I even want her tantrums and anger, her frustrations and screams.

I want her to be herself, the person God made her to be. I don’t want her to fix herself, and then come to me once she’s put together. I want to help her when she’s broken, and encourage her when she’...

May 11, 2019

Happy Mother's Day, friends! I have a very special guest in today's episode of Gather & Glean. Marcie is a pastor's wife and mother of 4. Her words were very encouraging for me coming into this new season of motherhood. Whether you are a mom, a soon to be mom, or even a spiritual mother to the younger generation, this will be a great listen for you. You can play the episode below, or head over to your Podcast App and liste...

May 4, 2019

One of the very first words of advice an expecting family will hear is, "enjoy it because they grow up so fast," or something along those lines. My husband and I have heard this so many times that I've even began to notice it appear in our own speech as well. Someone might ask how Abigail is doing and we'll say, "She's great, but she's growing so fast."

This phrase has been drilled into my brain, and because we've heard it...

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Welcome to my blog. This is a place where I like to examine God's Word and learn, and learn, and keep on learning. It is my goal to create devotional content for women, because what is more important than growing in the Bible? Every time I sit down to learn God's Word and write what He's taught me I am extremely blessed, and when I look back at past posts, I'm blessed by it again. My prayer is that you will be blessed by it as well. All Scripture references are used from the New King James Version unless otherwise stated. 

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